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Slice, Dice and Rice Slashes Its Way Onto PlayStation 4 Next Week


Slice, Dice and Rice Slashes Its Way Onto PlayStation 4 Next Week

Arc System Works has announced that their indie-fighter, Slice, Dice and Rice, is coming to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 14. The game released on PC in 2017, as well as on PlayStation 4 in Japan under the name Zan! Zan! Zan, and is unique in that it features no health bars, with one well-placed slice being enough to defeat an opponent.

It’s kill or be killed in this brutal fighter, which features a graphic novel art-style and comes from Dojo Games, the team behind the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. Every hit counts because even flesh-wounds will slow your movement. Therefore, biding time and waiting for the perfect moment to strike is key. Be sure to check out the unique visuals in the trailer below.

There’s 8 fighters to choose from in Slice, Dice and Rice and, although each one comes armed with the same basic attacks, each one also sports their own unique fighting style and specials. There’s a lady with a giant sword and a monk who chooses to let his fists do the talking, all animated with hand-drawn textures.

Every character can leap and dash in the air, allowing players to gain advantage over their foes over 6 unique stages. Parrying and blocking is just as important as lashing out with your blade, however, so mastering the game’s defensive mechanics is crucial for victory.

Slice, Dice and Rice will come to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 14.

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