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Shadow of the Colossus PS4: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible?


Shadow of the Colossus PS4: Is it PS4 Pro Compatible?

Is the Shadow of the Colossus Remake PS4 Pro Compatible?

The classic PS2 title Shadow of the Colossus comes back with Sony and Bluepoint Game’s full remake. The title rebuilds Shadow of the Colossus from scratch, instead of just updating the visuals from the original game. Of course, with a full remake, many fans are probably wondering if they’ll be able to make use of their shiny PS4 Pro to replay the game. The good news is, yes, Shadow of the Colossus will be fully compatible with PS4 Pro right at launch, no need to wait for a patch or anything.

There are two different modes for PS4 Pro users to choose from in Shadow of the Colossus, something that anyone who owns the system will be used to by now. The first is Cinematic Mode, which focuses on bumping up the resolution and graphics. This makes the game run at 4K resolution, while the framerate targets 30fps. Meanwhile, Performance Mode is focused on bumping up the framerate of the game, targeting 60fps while reducing the resolution as necessary. Of course, the remake looks pretty darn good no matter what way you play it but the PS4 Pro mode you want really depends on what you’re looking for the most out of this remake, fluidity or graphical power.

For more on the Shadow of the Colossus remake, make sure to search Twinfinite.

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