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See Who Can Spring to Your Aid in Far Cry 5 With New Trailers


See Who Can Spring to Your Aid in Far Cry 5 With New Trailers

The Far Cry 5 train keeps a-rollin’ with the introduction of a set of new trailers today. The “Guns for Hire” and “Fang for Hire” clips show off some of the assists you’ll pick up during your journey across Hope County. You’ll get to see all of the friends who’ll come to your aid during the new clips.

In both videos, depending on which one you watch, you’ll get to meet some of the citizens of Hope County in addition to the furry friends you can call on in your time of need. You can have people like Jess Black, Grace Armstrong, Nick Rye, and Adelaide Drubman along for the ride to help you out. But why would you want a bunch of boring humans when you could have a dog? Boomer looks like a very good boy.

Far Cry 5 is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Mar. 27. You should have a lot of free time until then plotting how you’re going to take out the Project in Hope County before it drops, or at least enlist a co-op partner.

This Far Cry entry looks a lot more rugged than the previous games, so you’ll be dealing with a lot more this time around, and a lot less navigational help, too, much like with Assassin’s Creed Origins. Let us not forget all the feats that Boomer can perform as the resident “Good Boy” in the game. It looks positively magical, and any time a dog can come to your aid in a video game, you definitely want them to.

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