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Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Xbox One?


Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Xbox One?

Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Xbox One?

Secret of Mana is one of those beloved retro titles that fans have been pleading for a remake of for quite some time. And finally, last year, Square Enix caved to fan demands and finally announced it. Due to release next week, the Secret of Mana remake will add in a number of Quality of Life improvements, from mini-maps to help you navigate its winding paths, hotkeys to help you switch your battle plan in the middle of combat, and better commands for your AI companions. Not to mention the fact it’s getting a graphical and audio overhaul to make the whole experience feel that little bit fresher. As such, the Secret of Mana remake is going to be of interest to both veterans of the series and newcomers alike, and Xbox One owners may be wondering if the title will be hitting Microsoft’s home system anytime soon.

Unfortunately, at this current moment in time, the Secret of Mana remake is not scheduled to land on the Xbox One. Square Enix has yet to issue a comment regarding the absence of the Xbox One in its launch platforms for the Secret of Mana remake.

Though we won’t be playing the Secret of Mana remake on Xbox One come its initial release date on Feb. 15, there’s always the possibility that things change and we see it on Microsoft’s system at a later date. We’ll be sure to update this post if and when the circumstances change.

For more on the Secret of Mana remake, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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