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Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch?


Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch?

Is Secret of Mana Remake Coming to Nintendo Switch?

The Secret of Mana remake is shaping up to be the definitive way to play this classic JRPG. Square Enix’s 1993 SNES title stole fans’ hearts with its charming and, for the time, very impressive soundtrack, visuals, and deep gameplay. The remake looks set to be a loyal re-creation of the original, albeit with a number of ‘quality of life’ updates to help make it feel more at home in today’s gaming space. The visuals and audio have been tweaked, for a start, and it’s now easier to command AI teammates and change tactics in battle, too. Of course, with Secret of Mana having released on a Nintendo system all those years ago, some fans may be wondering if the remake is making its way to the Nintendo Switch.

Currently, Secret of Mana remake is only planned to release on PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PC on Feb. 15. However, in an interview with USgamer just a couple of weeks ago, game producer Masaru Oyamada commented on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch port.

“To kind of give background in terms of when the project started, it was about two years ago, and the Switch hadn’t been announced,” he stated. “Once we had announced this particular remake title, we were very surprised to see the amount of demand and feedback we received for a potential Switch version.”

It’s far from confirmation that we’ll see the Secret of Mana remake on the Nintendo Switch anytime soon, but it does suggest there’s at least some interest both from fans and the development team to see the title on Nintendo’s hybrid system.

If there are any further developments regarding the Secret of Mana remake coming to the Nintendo Switch, we’ll be sure to update this post and let you know.

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