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Sea of Thieves Devs Detail PvE Encounter, Skeleton Forts, in New BTS Video

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Sea of Thieves Devs Detail PvE Encounter, Skeleton Forts, in New BTS Video

Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated Xbox One + PC exclusive due out next month, has released another behind the scenes video this time focusing n a special type of PvE encounter, Skeleton Forts. You can check out the full video interview below, but here’s a break down of the most noteworthy information about this “emergent system” which also includes storms and shipwrecks.

  1. There are multiple Skeleton Forts around the world, but only one is ever active at a given time.
  2. You’ll know they are active because a HUGE skull cloud will light up above it.
  3. The hope is that players will all be drawn towards it.
  4. You’ll work through waves of skeleton grunts as you approach the fort itself.
  5. Fights are designed to be dynamic and you’ll need worry about new waves of enemies appearing outside while also trying to make progress in the stronghold itself.
  6. You’ll need teamwork and cooperation with other crews to pull it off.
  7. The forts will have a skeleton captain. A boss like enemy that is much harder to kill.
  8. Although cooperation will be key, only ONE crew (person even) can use the key to open a vault with special treasure and lots of loot. This key can be stolen by other players.
  9. There’s more loot in the vault than one crew can carry, opening up a natural conflict with other crews in who gets to take the treasure. Or maybe if you’re nice, you’ll all share it.

While we enjoyed the beta greatly, deeper more involved encounters like these Skeleton Forts will be crucial in keeping fan interest over a long period of time.

Check out the full video, Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #24: Skeleton Forts, below to hear all about it for yourself. Did you play the beta? Are you excited for Sea of Thieves? Let us know in the comments below.

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