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New Sea of Thieves BTS Video Details Dialogue System and NPCs


New Sea of Thieves BTS Video Details Dialogue System and NPCs

The official Sea of Thieves YouTube page has released a new behind the scenes (BTS) video that provides more detail and insight behind the game’s dialogue system, and the various NPCs you’ll meet in the course of your adventure.

Notably, the video references live campaigns and how the NPCs will react and act differently based on what’s going on in the world. In addition, there will be variety in terms of objects and events found in game. The developers mentioned how in the midst of an adventure, a player could stumble across a book that details some hidden treasure. Once that book is recovered by the player, it’s gone, and won’t be found again by someone else. Or also what they call “choose your own adventure books”, where questions must be answered in a certain way in order to get a reward.

If you’re looking to savor every detail you can about Sea of Thieves before it releases on Mar. 20 for PC and Xbox One, give that BTS video a watch. We were pretty impressed with the small taste we got in the most recent beta, that’s for sure. Did you play the beta? What did you think? Let us know in the comments.

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