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10 Romantic Video Game Moments You Will Never Top


10 Romantic Video Game Moments You Will Never Top

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Chloe and Rachel After the Play (Life Is Strange: Before the Storm)

The entire second episode of Before the Storm was so fantastically written and presented, it’s hard to choose just one moment to crown as the most romantic. In the latter half of the episode, Rachel manages to talk Chloe into participating in The Tempest, and it ends up being a huge success, with Rachel even going off-script to basically declare her affections for Chloe onstage. But that’s not even the best part of the episode.

The whole sequence that comes directly after the play is executed with impeccable detail. Starting things off with beautiful framing shots of the moonlit streets of Arcadia Bay and Broods’ Taking You There serving as mood music, Chloe and Rachel bask in the adrenaline and afterglow of the play’s success. Rachel remains flirtatious all throughout the scene, offering her hand to Chloe, showering her with praise for her performance in the play, and painting rosy pictures of them taking a road trip.

“And one day you’ll be at a gas station fixing the brakes and some guy with no shirt on will come up. He’ll be like, ‘That’s so hot that you know about cars,’ and I’ll say, ‘Back off. She’s with me.'”

Rachel sure knows her way around a girl’s heart. That whole scene is filled with so much excitement and buildup, and it all comes to a head when the player is finally offered the option to ask Rachel for a kiss.

It’s one of those ‘pause your game and smile to yourself’ moments, especially after all Chloe’s been through. The girl deserves some happiness, dammit.

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