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Rocket League Competitive Season 7 Begins Today

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Rocket League Competitive Season 7 Begins Today

Today, Rocket League will discontinue competitive Season 6 and introduce Season 7 one hour later as part of its February Update. The update will also feature Season 6 rewards, which are a set of wheels this time around. Like last season, you must win a set number of matches after reaching a given rank in order to win that rank’s reward; merely getting to the rank won’t be enough. In the time between Season 6 and Season 7, ranked playlists will not be available, and leaderboards will be empty for a bit until enough players complete their Season 7 placements.

Season 6 will end at the following times, with Season 7 to begin one hour later:

  • 2pm Pacific
  • 3pm Mountain
  • 4pm Central
  • 5pm Eastern
  • 11pm Central European


Developer Psyonix will also release a brand new crate with shiny new gear for your favorite cars as part of the update. Despite nearing the third anniversary of Rocket League’s release, Psyonix is continuing to pump out content for the game. Later in February, Psyonix will introduce a beta version of Tournament mode, where you and your squad can enter into online tournaments from the comfort of your own chair and compete to be crowned tournament champion. The final Tournament mode will be released in March, alongside a bevy of other updates and quality of life changes that will continue throughout the Spring.

And if your Rocket League fix isn’t yet satiated, you can purchase some real life clip-on toys of your favorite cars. Just don’t throw them at a soccer ball and yell ‘What a Save!’ when nothing happens.

This post was originally written by Matthew LaMar.

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