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Return to Classic Franchises with the Humble Classics Return Bundle


Return to Classic Franchises with the Humble Classics Return Bundle

Humble Bundle offers a new bundle with a different theme each week. Sometimes the theme revolves around a game publisher; other times it focuses on a particular franchise. Humble Bundle’s latest bundle is all about well-received follow-ups to classic games and is dubbed the Humble Classics Return Bundle

Each Humble Bundle is divided into three tiers. If gamers pay at least $1, they receive all the games in the “pay what you want” tier. To receive all the games in the “pay more than the average” tier and the “pay what you want” tier, participants need to pay more than a constantly fluctuating amount, which at the time of writing hovers around $7.66. But, when gamers spend a significant amount of money ($15 or more for this particular bundle), they receive all the games in the bundle, including those in the “pay more than $x” tier. Here is a complete tier list for the Humble Classics Return Bundle:

Pay What You Want

  • Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse
    • The latest entry in the long-running Broken Sword Franchise, Broken Sword 5 features clever puzzles and a gripping story that involves a murder mystery and a stolen painting that may or may not be cursed.
  • Shadowrun Returns
    • Inspired by the 1993 Shadowrun SNES game and the pen-and-paper RPG of the same name, Shadowrun Returns is a deep and engrossing RPG that combines sci-fi technology, magic, and a dystopian cyberpunk world.
  • Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure
    • A sequel almost twenty years in the making, Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure mixes 3D environments, point-and-click puzzles, and live-action FMV cutscenes to create one final mystery designed to send off the Tex Murphy franchise.
  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut
    • Originally released as DLC for Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall is a standalone story that improves on Shadowrun Returns and fixes many of the game’s problems.
  • 10% off your first month of Humble Monthly
  • The Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Soundtrack

Pay More Than The Average

  • Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition
    • The (current) final entry in Harebrained Schemes’ Shadowrun RPG series, Shadowrun: Hong Kong introduces new characters, missions, locations, and gameplay improvements.
  • Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut – Digital Deluxe Edition
    • The sequel to the game that inspired the blockbuster Fallout franchise, Wasteland 2 is an open-ended RPG that emphasizes tactical combat and player choice.
  • Age of Wonders III
    • Part civilization management simulator and part hex-based tactical RPG, Age of Wonders III is the long-awaited sequel to Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic.
  • Xenonauts
    • Described as the spiritual successor to the original XCOM games, Xenonauts features all the tactical combat and tough decision-making that made the franchise popular.
  • The Wasteland 2 Soundtrack

Pay More than $15

  • Torment: Tides of Numenera
    • The thematic successor to Planescape: Torment, Torment: Tides of Numenera features a philosophical story that drastically changes with every player action.
  • Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut Edition
    • Dreamfall Chapters: The Final Cut is an episodic adventure that continues the The Longest Journey franchise and takes players across parallel worlds in a journey to save all of reality.
  • $2 of Humble Wallet credit (only for Humble Monthly subscribers)

All of the games sold in this Humble Bundle come as Steam keys, but the site will also provide DRM-free direct downloads for Broken Sword 5, Tesla Effect, and Xenonauts. The Classics Return bundle will only last for two weeks, so gamers who are interested in these games should hurry.

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