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Rainbow Six Siege Gets Aliens and New Characters in Outbreak Event

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Rainbow Six Siege Gets Aliens and New Characters in Outbreak Event

Rainbow Six Siege has been going strong for three years now with its mix of tactical gunplay and tense combat. But if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “You know what would make Rainbow Six Siege better? Aliens!” then you’re in luck. Ubisoft has detailed the Outbreak Event that pits players against an alien parasitic force and kicks off Rainbow Six Siege’s third year of content.

Outbreak is a coop event that will let teams of three players enter the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico to eliminate an alien parasite. According to the announcement on Ubisoft’s website, a mysterious capsule crash landed in the town, releasing an Apex parasite that turned the town’s residents into horrifying monstrosities.

A quarantine zone was set up, but it’s now the Rainbow Six team’s job to go in and destroy the parasite once and for all. You can watch the trailer below to see the first hint of trouble in New Mexico.

The event will run from March 6 to April 3 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it is the first part of Operation Chimera, which will see two bio-chemical experts added to the game’s lineup of operators. Outbreak will be free for all players.

As detailed in Ubisoft’s announcement, Outbreak adds some interesting wrinkles to Rainbow Six Siege’s established formula. The Apex-infected people will get in close and force team members to engage in more close combat. There will also be three new Outbreak-specific maps that “are bigger and more open than PvP maps, with sizable sections entirely outdoors.”

Although the announcement didn’t go into more detail regarding how Outbreak mode or the new operators will work, Ubisoft plans to reveal more at the Six Invitational finals on Feb. 17.


This post was originally written by Cody Mello-Klein.

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