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PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win February?


PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win February?

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Xbox Games with Gold


Xbox Games with Gold arrives in February with four new games for Xbox One and Xbox 360. It’s worth noting that Zombi, which was available last month via the service, is still free to download until the 15th of the month.

The first February freebie for Xbox One is Shadow Warrior, a reboot of a FPS classic, circa 1997. Players take control of a ninja warrior battling hordes of monsters. Think along the lines of Serious Sam — mindless, violent, and over the top video gaming that feels like a retro blast from the past. It’s plenty of fun in short doses, but certainly not the most nuanced shooter, especially in comparison to more recent titles in the genre.

Later in the month, Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India will also be available for download on Microsoft’s flagship console. In contrast to the series’ traditional 3D action, this is a 2.5D side-scroller that offers a different sort of challenge. There’s a fairly decent narrative to enjoy here, brought to life with artistic cutscenes, but you can certainly find better examples of side-scrolling stealth gameplay elsewhere.

Over on the 360, Split/Second is the first of your free games for the month. The Disney-published arcade racer is an adrenaline pumping experience that earned acclaim from critics back in 2010 for its intense action, impressive cinematics, and polished presentation. From Feb. 16, you’ll also be able to download and play the iconic Crazy Taxi. A piece of arcade and console history, the off-the-wall open-world racer is hardly a stellar video game, but it’s a fun distraction nonetheless.

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