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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Metagross


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Metagross


Metagross has been recently added to the roster in Pokemon GO, as well as its pre-evolutions, Beldum and Metang – two Pokemon that are also pretty hard to find. Since it’s only been a few days that the Pokemon has been out in the wild, people are still trying to figure out how to exactly find Metagross in the AR-based mobile title.

Looking at the mainline Pokemon games, Beldum has an insanely low catch rate – almost the same as the legendary Pokemon, which might be the same situation in Pokemon GO. The reason why we bring up Beldum is because catching it is your best bet to eventually evolve it into a Metagross. We don’t know if Metagross is able to be caught in the wild, so evolving Beldum and walking it to get candy is your safest bet. The three of these Pokemon are also not region-specific, so you should eventually run into them if you keep looking around your area.

Since the new batch of Gen 3 Pokemon just released not too long ago in Pokemon GO, there’s not much information out there on how to find this new ‘mon easily. If we manage to find more concrete information on Beldum, Metang, and Metagross, we’ll be sure to update this post.

For more help on everything Pokemon GO, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide on the game.

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