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Past Cure’s Launch Trailer Blurs the Lines Between What’s Real and What Isn’t


Past Cure’s Launch Trailer Blurs the Lines Between What’s Real and What Isn’t

Past Cure, the upcoming psychological thriller from indie developer Phantom 8, has received a mytersious new launch trailer. The trailer shows the fractured mind of the game’s protagonist Ian, and the mystery that he tries to unravel about his new powers. Ian is a former special operations soldier, and after he fell victim to years of experimentation and torture in prison his mind became fractured, and he was granted strange powers like time manimpulation and telekinesis.

The launch trailer focuses mostly on the cinematic storytelling of the game and its premise, rather than displaying action. Past Cure is the very first game from Phantom 8, an indie developer made up of only eight people. You can watch the trailer down below, and here’s a few details provided on the game.

Past Cure Features

A Story Driven Supernatural Thriller – PAST CURE is a cinematic, story driven experience where the player follows the struggle of a broken man searching for the missing pieces of his mind. With intense cutscenes and intriguing story items throughout the levels, the players can unravel a story that will keep them guessing until the end.

Action vs. Stealth – Be bold and engage your enemies with time bending gun battles and brutal jaw crunching combos. Or pick the stealthy approach where evasion tactics and slick stealth takedowns allow you to outsmart your enemies in silence. Choose the right approach to each situation as there are pros and cons to each playing style.

Mind Bending Abilities – Unleash the unlocked power of Ian’s mind against those who unlocked it. To truly master the PAST CURE experience, players must utilise time manipulation and astral projection to gain an edge on opponents and overcome obstacles.

Dreams vs. Reality – Ian’s mind is torn between the gritty real world and the nightmarish horror of his dreams. PAST CURE contrasts between the cold, brutal combat orientated levels of the real world, to the more puzzle solving and survival gameplay in the abstract dreamworlds.

Past Cure launches on Feb. 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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