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Overwatch Year of the Dog: When Does the Event End


Overwatch Year of the Dog: When Does the Event End

When Does the Overwatch Year of the Dog Event End

Overwatch is back at it again with new skins, a new map, and some great tweaks to Capture the Flag in the Lunary Year 2018: Year of the Dog event. This marks Overwatch’s second Lunar Year event — the first one being Year of the Rooster. Jeff Kaplan released a developer update video explaining that Capture the Flag will feel more competitive and encourage more offensive gameplay thanks to a few changes being introduced in the new event. One of these changes comes in the fact that players will now be able to pick the flag up as soon as they touch it instead of being forced to sit on the point until the capturing is complete. There will also be various abilities that will cause heroes to drop the flag in the game if they captured it, such as Winton’s Jump Pack.

As for skins, Genji, Pharah, Zarya, Widowmaker, Mercy, and McCree received new gear for the special occasion. It’s particularly exciting news considering you’ll finally be able to swap skins before matches. So with new content being dropped in the game, an improved Capture the Flag game mode, and a new map to contain all the fun, you’re probably wondering just how long you have to soak it all up. The Year of the Dog event went live February 8 and is scheduled a run a full four weeks. That means you’ll have a month to collect as many loot boxes as you can and cross your fingers that you’ll get exact what you’re looking for.

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