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Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

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Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Overwatch League Power Rankings – Stage 1 Week 4

The mid-tier teams have seen a bit of a shakeup this past week as one continues to tear through the rankings, while another is quickly plummeting to the bottom. We are, of course, talking about the Boston Uprising and the Los Angeles Gladiators. Let’s see how the team performances from Stage 1 Week 4 have affected the power rankings.

1: New York Excelsior

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 2

Match Record (W-L): 7-1

Map Record (W-D-L): 25-1-8

Next Week’s Schedule: Florida Mayhem, London Spitfire

While the New York Excelsior had a relatively easy schedule in Week 4, going up against the Dragons and Fuel, this team is truly coming together to show just how much depth they possess. Pine and Saebyeolbe are two very different kinds of DPS players, which gives the Excelsior a great deal of flexibility, especially when Libero steps into the mix. Even though the Fuel drew blood this week by taking away a control map from the Excelsior for the first time in the League, New York snapped back quickly in Dorado to ensure a decisive victory. They’re one map away from reclaiming their top spot in the official standings, and their match-up against the London Spitfire in Week 5 will finally determine who’s at the top of the Overwatch League.

2: London Spitfire

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 4

Match Record (W-L): 7-1

Map Record (W-D-L): 26-0-8

Next Week’s Schedule: Houston Outlaws, New York Excelsior

Despite a rather shaky start and some inconsistent performances, London Spitfire quickly rose up to the challenge against Seoul Dynasty in Week 4, stunning everyone with a 4-0 victory. Yes, Seoul did make some questionable decisions, such as subbing out team captain Ryujehong for Gido, but London’s victory over Seoul was so methodical and clinical it was almost frightening to watch. London does still make a few silly mistakes every now and then, and they’ve still got to work on clinching more control maps, but if they can best their competitors in Week 5, this might very well be the strongest team in the League after all. That match-up against the New York Excelsior will decide that.

3: Seoul Dynasty

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 1

Match Record (W-L): 6-2

Map Record (W-D-L): 22-1-11

Next Week’s Schedule: Los Angeles Valiant, San Francisco Shock

Seoul Dynasty suffered a heartbreaking loss to the London Spitfire in Week 4. It seems that no matter what they do, the Lunatic-Hai core will always stumble in the face of GC Busan. Still, they managed to rebound later in the week against the Houston Outlaws. Though it was a very close 3-2 match going in the way of the Dynasty, they’ve proven that they can adapt to enemy strategies with relative ease and counteract them. Zunba’s counter-play as Zarya against Jake’s Junkrat on Lijiang Tower Control Center (supposedly the Outlaws’ best Lijiang stage) exemplifies that. They’ve got a relatively easier schedule in Week 5, and if they can get back on track, this team just might rise to the top once again.

4: Houston Outlaws

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 6

Match Record (W-L): 5-3

Map Record (W-D-L): 24-0-10

Next Week’s Schedule: London Spitfire, Boston Uprising

Despite losing Linkzr in their lineup this week, the Houston Outlaws still performed admirably against the San Francisco Shock and Seoul Dynasty. Even with Clockwork subbing in for Linkzr, they were able to take the Dynasty to a game five, and they remained extremely competitive all the way to the end. Their performance has been remarkably consistent over the past three weeks, and while their success could be attributed to how well they’ve adapted to the Junkrat-Mercy meta, it’s looking a lot like they just might be the strongest western team in the Overwatch League. If this team had their full lineup ready to go, things might have gone differently in their match with Seoul. Still, the Outlaws are on track to make the playoffs if they can best the Boston Uprising in Week 5.

5: Boston Uprising

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 7

Match Record (W-L): 5-3

Map Record (W-D-L): 21-0-14

Next Week’s Schedule: Philadelphia Fusion, Houston Outlaws

Boston Uprising has had a very slow start, but in the past couple of weeks, they’ve been tearing through their competition with convincing victories. In Week 4, they stomped the Gladiators with ease. And when everyone favored the Valiant in the next match-up, they snatched another 4-0 victory without batting an eye. Boston Uprising has some seriously scary players in their lineup, and it’s fun to watch their tank line enable their DPS players to let them shine on the battlefield. Week 5 isn’t going to be easy for them, however. The Houston Outlaws are on the verge of securing a playoffs spot, and the Fusion, while rather inconsistent and streaky at times, could also pose a challenge.

6: Los Angeles Valiant

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 3

Match Record (W-L): 5-3

Map Record (W-D-L): 19-2-13

Next Week’s Schedule: Seoul Dynasty, Shanghai Dragons

How the mighty have fallen. The Los Angeles Valiant seemed prime to have a great Week 4 after their dominant victory over the Philadelphia Fusion. They had all the tools needed to beat Boston Uprising, a team that’s notorious for only running dive comps, but suffered a 0-4 defeat in the end. Valiant hasn’t been able to pull off any victories against the top tier teams, and it seems they’re unable to stay at the top of the mid-tier pack as well. They could potentially pull off an upset against the Seoul Dynasty in Week 5, but we’re not holding our breath on that one.

7: Philadelphia Fusion

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 5

Match Record (W-L): 5-3

Map Record (W-D-L): 17-1-18

Next Week’s Schedule: Boston Uprising, Florida Mayhem

Philadelphia Fusion is a frustrating team to watch. They seem to have all the pieces they need to become the best western team in the Overwatch League, or even the most dominant mid-tier roster, but their performance has been so inconsistent. The Fusion suffered a crushing defeat against the Valiant in Week 4 and was barely able to put up a fight against them. They managed to eke out a win against a lost and stumbling Dallas Fuel, but not without making a few crucial mistakes of their own. They should be able to hold their own against the Mayhem in Week 5, but it’s that Uprising match-up that will determine exactly where they stand in the League.

8: San Francisco Shock

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 9

Match Record (W-L): 3-5

Map Record (W-D-L): 13-2-18

Next Week’s Schedule: Los Angeles Gladiators, Seoul Dynasty

San Francisco Shock just can’t seem to get it together. From refusing to switch off heroes to counter-play their opponents to their Mercy player not knowing when to pop Valkyrie, the Shock has essentially played themselves into a corner in Stage 1. They’ve got some tough competition coming up in their match-up against Seoul, but their battle against the Gladiators is the one to watch out for. At least then we’ll be able to see which of the two teams is the more inconsistent one.

9: Los Angeles Gladiators

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 8

Match Record (W-L): 3-5

Map Record (W-D-L): 12-0-22

Next Week’s Schedule: San Francisco Shock, Dallas Fuel

The Los Angeles Gladiators are another frustrating team to watch. On paper, this should be one terrifyingly strong roster, but they haven’t been performing up to expectations. This is the team that took the Valiant to a game five but was unable to do anything to the Outlaws in previous weeks, and the Uprising in Week 4. Their problems are clear; their DPS duos with Asher/Hydration and Asher/Surefour don’t seem to be working that well, and their tank line suffers when iRemiix over-extends and gets his team into trouble. Their supports deserve better than this.

10: Dallas Fuel

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Dallas Fuel Overwatch League Logo

Last Week: 10

Match Record (W-L): 1-7

Map Record (W-D-L): 8-2-22

Next Week’s Schedule: Shanghai Dragons, Los Angeles Gladiators

The Dallas Fuel showed some signs of life when they scored their first Stage 1 victory against the San Francisco Shock, but they haven’t been able to do much since then. That said, we did get glimpses of their potential when they took a control map off of New York Excelsior, who had been undefeated in control maps all throughout the season. The team is still working out their communication issues, and their tank line might need a bit of work. It’s unlikely they’ll make much of a comeback for the remainder of Stage 1, but at least they might pull off a win against the Shanghai Dragons this week.

11: Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 11

Match Record (W-L): 1-7

Map Record (W-D-L): 7-0-25

Next Week’s Schedule: New York Excelsior, Philadelphia Fusion

Just when you think the Florida Mayhem could have a real shot at victory against the San Francisco Shock, they waste it all away. It’s not hard to see exactly what’s wrong with this team; they haven’t adapted well to the Junkrat-Mercy meta, and their roster simply isn’t deep enough to lend them the flexibility they need to pull off a win. They’ve signed Zappis to their roster, though, and they might be able to make a comeback in Stage 2.

12: Shanghai Dragons

Overwatch League Power Rankings: Stage 1 Week 4

Last Week: 12

Match Record (W-L): 0-8

Map Record (W-D-L): 4-0-29

Next Week’s Schedule: Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant

The Shanghai Dragons today are a very different team from what we saw in Week 1, but that improvement still wasn’t enough to help them score a map win in Week 4. We can’t blame them, seeing as how they had to go up against New York and London, only the two best teams in Overwatch League right now. Undead and Diya continued to carry the team through some of the matches, but it’s going to take a lot more than just DPS hard carries for them to rise up the rankings. They’ve got a shot at clinching their first win this season in Week 5 when they go up against a severely weakened Dallas Fuel, so fingers crossed that they don’t end Stage 1 with a 0-10 record.

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