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Nintendo Releases a Quiz so You Can Finally Find Your Gaming Valentine


Nintendo Releases a Quiz so You Can Finally Find Your Gaming Valentine

Love is in the air with Valentine’s a mere week away and it looks like Nintendo of America is getting into the spirit of things by answering the question all gamers have been feverishly asking for decades. Are you Mario’s type? Depending on how you do in this official Nintendo quiz, you very well might be.

The quiz is very tongue-in-cheek in asking players cute questions like what would you like in a Valentine’s Day card? A letter written in beautiful Italian? A map so you might find your lover? Or perhaps an adorable doodle? That sort of thing. While you can find those sorts of quizzes all over the internet, it’s rare to see an official company weigh in with one. Still, it’s nice to see Nintendo of America having a bit of fun with the season.

Are you perhaps Link’s new princess? A new hero for Princess Peach to spend time with? Or maybe you can spend time with Kirby and…eat stuff I guess…? It’s a cute distraction that won’t take but a few minutes and answering five questions, but it’s nice to see some unique things like this out there.

Nintendo is far from the only company to do this sort of thing of course. Last year a number of games partook in Valentine’s Day, as many surely will this year as well. Nintendo just happened to get a head start on it.


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