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The Nintendo Switch Helped Someone on Reddit Detect a Tumor

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The Nintendo Switch Helped Someone on Reddit Detect a Tumor

A few days ago, Reddit user ChrisChalms shared a story in the /r/NintendoSwitch subreddit. Chris posted about how playing the Nintendo Switch helped him detect an early tumor.

After playing Mario Kart, Chris noticed that when the controller vibrated he felt a pain in his palm that extended through his index finger. “I found that I wasn’t playing the Switch anymore because of this weird pain when the controller vibrated. I’m primarily a PC gamer, and use an Xbox One controller but never had any pains with that,” Chris said in his Reddit post.

The Nintendo Switch has a feature known as HD Rumble, which is a vibration pattern other consoles do not use. Picking up coins in Mario Kart gives off small vibrations that were causing Chris discomfort.

A few months later, Chris began to notice bruising where the pain had originated. After playing some more Nintendo Switch with friends, he was having those pains again, but this time it was much worse. Chris booked a doctor’s appointment because the pain was too great to be ignored.

Chris states this all happened about six months ago, and his doctors say there is less than a 5% chance the tumor is cancerous. He receives his surgery Monday, and everyone on Reddit is wishing him a speedy recovery.

He also asks if anyone knows any good onehanded Switch games he can play while he recovers. If there are any suggestions, please share them below!

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