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5 Nintendo Classics That Deserve Another Life on Switch


5 Nintendo Classics That Deserve Another Life on Switch

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Punch Out

Punch-Out!! is a game which mixes expert timing and focus to make the player feel like a boxing champ. Back in 2009 with the release of Punch-Out!! for the Wii, motion controls provided truly great feedback for every move you made. The Nintendo Switch as a console can bring back the classic fun of the original Punch-Out!! while also innovating on the base gameplay of the title.

A Switch iteration of the series wouldn’t require motion controls, because the controls of the original game were already extremely intuitive. A new game in the series should build off the working mechanics of both Punch-Out!! games, as it would give Nintendo the opportunity to create a fast-paced fighting game with the progression of other genres and without the frustration and difficulty present in multiplayer fighting games like ARMS or Street Fighter.

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