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New Hokuto Ga Gotoku Trailers Travel to Eden and the Wasteland


New Hokuto Ga Gotoku Trailers Travel to Eden and the Wasteland

Sega has released a pair of new trailers for Hokuto Ga Gotoku, the upcoming Fist of the North Star game from the Yakuza developers. The trailers cover two of the game’s main areas, Eden and the Wasteland, which any fan of Fist of the North Star will be familiar with. Keep in mind, of course, that the trailers are entirely in Japanese.

In the world of Fist of the North Star the world’s oceans have dried up leaving the land dry and cracked. Food and water can barely be found, but in the middle of the Wasteland lies Eden, a bastion with food, water, entertainment, and more. The first trailers covers what you can see and do while in the city, beating up thugs, playing at casinos, or taking a swing at some old school Sega arcade games. In traditional Yakuza fashion there’s also a whole host of minigames to partake in, which include using Kenshiro’s powers to heal people at a hosptial, a caberat club-style minigame, and whipping up a cocktail as a bartender.

The next video focuses on the Wasteland itself, which despite being barren still has quite a bit to do. A buggy helps you get around the area quickly, and you can even customize it with new abilities that will help you reach new areas. In the trailer this is shown off by customizing the buggy with a boost ability that lets you smash through bolders blocking your way. There’s also a number of minigames that happen in the Wasteland too, like the “Death Batting” minigame that has you hitting incoming thugs on motorcycles with a giant metal beam. It certainly doesn’t look like there’s a lack of things to do in Hokuto Ga Gotoku.

Hokuto Ga Gotoku launches on March 8 in Japan for PS4, and a demo can be downloaded right now on the Japanese PSN. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on if the game will come the United States, or anywhere else.

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