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Nab Dead Space for Free via EA Origin Right Now

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Nab Dead Space for Free via EA Origin Right Now

Need an awesome, free PC game to sate that horror fix deep down in your gut? You can do no wrong with Dead Space, which is free right now via EA’s Origin service. The game is 100 percent off for a limited time if you want to add it to your library while the promotion is life, so make sure you opt into nabbing the ten-year-old title so it’ll always be yours as long as you use Origin.

Dead Space is an excellent game that takes place on the USG Ishimura, where you take on the role of Isaac Clarke as you fend off wave after wave of terrifying enemies known as necromorphs. Not only do you need to destroy them, but you must employ a process known as “strategic dismemberment” if you want them to stay dead. That means you need to shoot off their limbs, as the game gleefully reminds you.

It’s a great game, especially for free, so if you want to have Isaac Clarke’s wacky adventures in space at your fingertips for the future, make sure you don’t sleep on the promotion. Maybe you won’t be getting much sleep at all, though, if you decide to play Dead Space. It may very well have that effect on you going forward if you’re easily scared.

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