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Monster Hunter World: What Teostra’s Weakness Is


Monster Hunter World: What Teostra’s Weakness Is

What Teostra’s Weakness Is in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World pits players against dangerous beasts, each with their own attacks and abilities. One wrong mistake could easily mark the end of your hunt, so it’s always best to be prepared. No matter how formidable they may seem, each creature has their own weaknesses. Learn to exploit them and you’ll have a good shot at completing your hunt.

One monster, the Teostra, is a powerful Elder Dragon that cloaks itself with deadly flames. This beast can burn down any hunter with its deadly array of fire attacks, and it can also leave a trail of explosive powder clouds that erupt at will.

The first thing you’ll want to do is craft any heat-resistant armor to give you a better chance at surviving its attacks. Without the proper defenses, you’ll suffer fire damage just by standing next to the monster. Elements like water and ice work extremely well against the Teostra, and it’s also susceptible to poison. During the hunt, try aiming for its tail, wings, or head to get the most damage. As long as you bring the essential equipment and swerve around the flames, you can take down the Elder Dragon.

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