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Monster Hunter World PC Beta Release Date: What We Know so Far


Monster Hunter World PC Beta Release Date: What We Know so Far

What We Know So Far About a Monster Hunter World PC Beta Release Date

Monster Hunter World hit the PS4 and Xbox One a few weeks ago, keeping players busy with an eclectic mix of monsters to slay, gear to craft and upgrade, and a health dose of grinding gameplay to boot. While the PC version of Monster Hunter World was also supposed to release on Jan. 26, Capcom announced it had decided to delay the version to give it the final bit of polish it needed. As such, some PC players may be wondering if there’s going to be a PC beta for Monster Hunter World and if so, when the release date is.

Currently, Capcom has yet to announce any plans for a PC beta for Monster Hunter World. However, considering producer Ryozo Tsujimoto put the delay down to the team’s desire to “make sure we get right” the series’ first PC title, there’s always the possibility we could see a beta closer to the Autumn 2018 release window for the full game. Furthermore, Tsujimoto also notes that part of the delay can be attributed to “getting our own matchmaking working” on PC. What better way to make sure you’ve got your matchmaking services perfect than with a PC beta? Go on, we’ll wait.

Though we don’t have any news or a release date for a PC beta just yet, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled and will update this post if and when anything pops up.

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