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Monster Hunter World: What the Best Longsword Is


Monster Hunter World: What the Best Longsword Is

Best Longsword in Monster Hunter World

The Longsword is one of the better weapon types to use in Monster Hunter World if you’re a fan of hacking off monster parts. It’s also a slightly easier weapon type for players who are still relatively new to series. So, once you’ve decided that you’re going to give the Longsword a go, you’ll probably be wondering which weapon upgrade tree to go for.

During the early hours of the game, the Ore and Bone trees are generally enough to get you through most of your low-rank hunts. In general terms, the Ore tree is going to be better if you’re just going for raw physical damage output, but we definitely recommend crafting the Bone Longsword as well because of the versatility it offers you. The Bone tree gives you some elemental damage, which can be extremely helpful against certain types of monsters. As you progress through the game, the Jyura and Tobi-Kadachi trees will also become available. It’s a little harder to get the resources required for these upgrade trees, but if you have them, they’re also worth it for the different elemental boosts they provide.

For end game content, we recommend going with the Nergigante upgrade tree for the Longsword. The Tobi-Kadachi tree, if maxed out, is still viable for endgame stuff, but the Nergigante Longsword is extremely useful for the final boss, as well as the other elder dragons you’ll probably want to hunt.

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