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Monster Hunter World: What Legiana’s Weakness Is


Monster Hunter World: What Legiana’s Weakness Is


One of Monster Hunter World’s mid-game boss encounters, Legiana is a tough airborne beast with ice attacks that might catch you off guard if you haven’t prepared to face it properly. Especially since it uses disabling Ice Blight attacks that hinder your movement and stamina, the difficulty of this encounter can spike beyond what you can handle if you aren’t aware of one or two strategies that expose the monster’s weaknesses.

First and foremost, if you’re about to tackle this monster as part of the main quest in Monster Hunter World, make sure your armor is leveled suitably high enough. Spend time grinding and upgrading your defenses since you’ll be taking some heavy damage during this encounter, even when using the below tactics. Additionally, as always, keep your inventory stocked with health replenishing items, too.

Legiana’s weaknesses are Thunder and Poison, though it is also somewhat vulnerable to fire, sleep, Paralysis, Stun, and Blast.

We mentioned the Ice Blight attacks earlier, and central to beating Legiana is understanding how to avoid being hit by them. Thankfully, Legiana telegraphs these attacks pretty obviously by spreading its wings and flying around in a circle or performing a flip in the air. So our advice is to remain cautious and patient, concentrating on measuring your attacks in-between dodging its icey volleys. To do so, stay mobile and keep to one side of the monster – its ice attacks only spray forward from its front.

That’s everything you need to know about what Legiana’s weakness is in Monster Hunter World. For more useful information on the game, check out our wiki page.

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