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Monster Hunter World: How to Get Boulder Bone


Monster Hunter World: How to Get Boulder Bone

How to Get Boulder Bone in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is full of fantastic beasts and if you want to even have a chance against the most powerful ones you’ll need to have some good armor. And in order to craft some quality gear, you’ll need to go out and find some key crafting materials from around the wilds, including an item called boulder bone.

Boulder bone, much like warped bone, is used to craft armor in Monster Hunter World among other things. If you want to get some boulder bone fast, head over to Wildspire Waste and find the area’s bonepiles. You can find the locations for bonepiles on your map by looking for the little bone-shaped icon.

The best way to optimize your boulder bone collection in Monster Hunter World is to run a circuit from bonepile to bonepile. When you approach one, simply walk up and hit Circle on PS4 or B on Xbox One to loot it.

Unfortunately, your chances of finding this particular bone in Monster Hunter World are up to the RNG gods, so you won’t always be guaranteed to find the item in a bonepile. Luckily the bonepiles will refresh every couple minutes, so if you continue to run a loop through Wildspire Waste you should be able to collect as much boulder bone as you need.

If you need help taking down a tough monster or learning the basics of Monster Hunter World’s combat, make sure to check out our wiki here.


This post was originally written by Cody Mello-Klein.

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