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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Rathalos Easily


Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Rathalos Easily

How to Beat Rathalos Easily in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is the latest entry in the series that brings in a slew of new creatures to the hunt. That said, some of the more iconic monsters also return to the game, including the Rathlos. The king of the skies has terrorized its fair share of hunters in the past, and now it’s back with its deadly arsenal of aerial attacks and scorching flames.

The Rathalos loves to stay in the air during fights in Monster Hunter World, making it a bit difficult to hit. If you aren’t using ranged weapons, you are better off attacking its tail. That said, you should try luring the Rathalos near ledges or cliffs where you can strike it with a jumping attack and even mount it in the process. Be careful, though, as the dragon can easily punish players with its deadly poison-filled talons. Keep an eye out for its fire-breathing attacks as well since it can cause fireblight.

Make sure to bring any dragon or thunder-charged weapons with you, preferably something ranged so you can hit it. The sleep ailment works wonders during this Monster Hunter World battle, too, giving you a chance to score some free hits. Once the Rathalos is down, focus on attacking its head, tail, and wings. As long as you dodge its flames and knock it down, the beast shouldn’t give you many problems.

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