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Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Nergigante Easily


Monster Hunter World: How to Beat Nergigante Easily

How to Beat Nergigante Easily in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is a game full of savage beasts that will obliterate any hunters who go in blind, so it’s always best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. In this case, the Nergigante is a behemoth of a dragon that can block any incoming attacks with its spiky body.

The first thing you should know about this Monster Hunter World creature is that the spikes in its body will continuously grow unless you break them by dealing enough damage to the monster. If ignored, these long spikes will harden and deflect your strikes, so you have to keep up the constant pressure. If that isn’t bad enough, the Nergigante can deal even more damage the longer the spikes.

Watch out for its shoulder strikes and wide area-of-effect attacks as they are quite difficult to dodge. For the most part, you should try to stay beneath its legs to avoid any incoming damage. Once it begins rising in the air, however, flee as far as you can. A direct hit from its dive bomb attack will usually mean certain death, and that’s the worst way to go out during the hunt. If you manage to dodge it, jump straight back in and deal some damage while it’s vulnerable.

The fight takes a whole different turn when it flees back to its resting place. This area only has one ledge and stalagmites will constantly rain down in the field. You’ll be in a tight spot here, especially since the Nergigante will make the most out of the open space by coming at you from every direction. At this point, you will have to rely heavily on dodging and rolling, making sure to evade its constant strikes. Don’t rush the fight as one simple mistake could be the end for you.

Make sure to bring any weapons with the thunder or dragon element, and try inflicting the poison ailment on the beast early on in the fight. As for which body parts to target, try aiming for the horns, head, and feelers. With enough patience and quick reflexes, you should be able to take it down.

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