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Metal Gear Survive: What the UK Release Date Is


Metal Gear Survive: What the UK Release Date Is

What Metal Gear Survive’s UK Release Date Is

Metal Gear Survive is certainly a spin-off from the usual adventures we’re used to embarking on in the series. The stealth-based action takes a back seat this time around, with players fending off waves of the undead. You’ll need to craft items, gadgets, and all manner of contraptions to defend your base and deal out your fair share of pain. While Metal Gear Survive has now released in some territories, the UK release date is still to come.

Metal Gear Survive will actually release in the UK on Feb. 22 – two days after its release in North America. The exact reasoning for this decision remains to be seen, but could likely be put down to a supplier/ distribution issue, or just some other unknown factor that Konami needed to consider.

Though Metal Gear Survive is a far cry from the series’ standard formula, it’s also releasing at a lower price point than the standard £50/ $60 price tag. The game is actually available via Amazon UK for just £25 on both Xbox One and PS4, so if it’s had you interested, it might be worth giving a try on its UK release date, or right now if it’s already out where you are.

That’s all you need to know about the UK release date for Metal Gear Survive. If you do happen to pick up the game, be sure to check out our guide wiki for plenty of useful tips, tricks, and information.

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