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Metal Gear Survive: How to Level Up Fast


Metal Gear Survive: How to Level Up Fast

How to Level Up Fast in Metal Gear Survive

In order to bolster your character’s strength, dexterity and more in Metal Gear Survive, you will have to stockpile Kuban Energy in mass quantities. Doing so allows you to assign skill points that you can exchange for increased statistics.

For this reason, Kuban Energy is of utmost importance. The simplest way to acquire this crucial resource is by winning multiplayer matches. Completing a co-op mission can yield around 10,000 points of Kuban Energy, a number which increases if your rank is higher, and if you performed best on your squad.

During the campaign, blue side objectives will reward you with Kuban Energy (be sure to focus on the ones that give higher totals of Kuban Energy if you want the biggest payout), and looting the bodies of the Wanderers will also give you a small amount. Due to the modesty of the Kuban Energy garnered from this method, it is recommended that players eager to build their character invest time and energy into the game’s multiplayer mode. It diminishes the need for fruitless grinding, instead pushing out large amounts of Kuban Energy for seemingly arbitrary acts such as kills.

Once you consider Kuban Energy as your fast track to power leveling, the world of Metal Gear Survive may not seem quite so daunting. If you need help in other areas as well, be sure to follow the guides as they become available here on Twinfinite.

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