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Metal Gear Survive: How to Get a Gun


Metal Gear Survive: How to Get a Gun

How to Get a Gun in Metal Gear Survive

During the early chapters of the single-player campaign in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll only have a few melee weapons to work with. You’ll get access to a bow fairly quickly, but if you need to take down hordes of zombies in a hurry, you’re going to want a gun. Thankfully, you don’t have to play too far to get your first firearm in the game.

During the tutorial, you’ll be tasked with retrieving three memory boards for Virgil. Follow the markers on your map, and after you get the first two memory boards, you’ll be able to craft an air tank. The air tank lets you venture into the Dust, where you’ll have to retrieve the final memory board. Once you reach the location, look for a storage area with a locked container. You can either pick the lock or break it, but do be aware that breaking it might attract some Wanderers to your location. The Burkov gun blueprint lies within the container, and you’ll be able to find the necessary crafting materials in the vicinity as well.

Head back to your base camp, and you’ll be able to craft your very first gun.

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