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Metal Gear Survive: How to Get More Ammo


Metal Gear Survive: How to Get More Ammo

How to Get More Ammo in Metal Gear Survive

Similar to most survival-based games, Metal Gear Survive makes it difficult to acquire ammo so players will have to think twice and strategize before fighting off the hordes of zombie-like enemies. Firearm ammunition can’t be easily acquired by looting the game’s open world area, and you’ll have to rely on crafting to stock up on bullets or arrows.

To craft ammo in Metal Gear Survive, head to the weapons workbench either in the multiplayer hub or in your base. From here, go to the ammo section and craft the ammo type you need.

Make sure you equip the right type of ammo for your firearms before heading to a match. You can check the ammo type for each gun by heading to your repository and highlighting your chosen firearm.

Each type of firearm uses certain rounds of bullets, and they have a different set of materials needed for crafting. This also extends to your ammo for bows, with flame arrows needing oil, wood, rag, and iron while the heavy arrow requires steel and aluminum.

You can easily acquire crafting materials for the various ammo types in Metal Gear Survive by looting materials scattered in the game’s open world. Some physical items in the open world also need to be destroyed first before you can obtain the crafting material, thus it’s best to have a melee weapon on hand at all times.

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