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5 Metal Gear Spin-Offs We’d Actually Want to Play


5 Metal Gear Spin-Offs We’d Actually Want to Play

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Metal Gear Rising 2

Metal Gear Spin-Offs We’d Actually Want to Play

Hideo Kojima may be doing his own thing now, but Konami isn’t letting Metal Gear Solid as a franchise disappear, with Metal Gear Survive out now. This leaves Konami open to make tons of spin-offs in the series, some with ideas we’ve seen before, some we haven’t seen enough of. To start with, there’s the very obvious sequel to 2013’s fantastic Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Besides having made up words in its title, the game sports incredibly satisfying spectacle-fighting combat which still feels great today.

Raiden AKA “Jack the Ripper’s” story clearly isn’t over yet, with Revengeance ending with Raiden going rogue. Seeing the character as an independent character going on a rampage is an awesome sight to imagine and hopefully we’ll get to see more of his story, and his fun sword combat, soon. After all, the game takes place in 2018, so what better year to announce a sequel?


This post was originally written by Babak Abrishamchian.

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