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March 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions


March 2018 PS Plus Free Games Predictions



the order: 1886

Every month, subscribers to Sony’s PlayStation Plus program are granted access to online multiplayer as well as a few free games that can only be downloaded during that specific month free of charge.

Usually one larger game, often from a AAA studio, headlines the list to both entice players to join and please those who have. Currently for February 2018 both Knack and Rime were placed on PS Plus, both larger and more well-known titles that made numerous Sony fans pretty happy.

This month, we suspect 2015 steampunk action-adventure title The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn will be that larger title for PS Plus March 2018. Since it was first released The Order: 1886 got some pretty weak reviews from game publications, but did receive some praise for its filmic presentation and interesting re-imagining of a steampunk London. Since then it has dropped in price to below $20 but sometimes as low as $5 during certain sales. At that price, it’s not hard to imagine it making it to PS Plus, if not next month then sometime pretty soon. It also wasn’t included in the Black Friday sale a few months back, meaning Sony might have some plans for it in the long run as well.

The Order: 1886 was a game that probably went under the radar for quite a few players in 2015, so it would be a nice one to have on standby via PS Plus in case there was every an afternoon you were willing to try it out. It’s quite short after-all, with the total length of the game coming out to around 7-8 hours.

Check out page two where we look at a few possible indie inclusions you could see in March 2018.

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