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The Last Little Nightmares DLC ‘The Residence’ Is Available Today

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The Last Little Nightmares DLC ‘The Residence’ Is Available Today

Little Nightmares has gotten its third and last piece of downloadable content as part of its Secrets of the Maw expansion pass. The last piece, called The Residence, is up for grabs via PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, if you’re so inclined to pick it up.

Little Nightmares follows a young girl named Six who finds herself trapped in a bizarre vessel known as the Maw, and you’re tasked with helping her find her way out. She ends up finding herself trapped by several different malevolent beings, including a janitor who kills children and puts their bodies on a conveyor belt. He’s not a particularly good guy, you see.

The Secrets of the Maw expansion pack first debuted in July 2017, and the second part emerged in November 2017. The final part should tie the story together as the player takes up the role of “The Runaway Kid” and tries to escape a character known as “The Lady.” An important secret about The Kid will be revealed by the end of the DLC, so if you’re interested in seeing it all come together, you’ll want to stick it out until the end.

Little Nightmares is a pretty terrifying game if you’re not used to scary games in particular, so check out the trailer and see if it’s up your alley in the trailer below.

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