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Layers of Fear: Legacy Will Creep You out on Switch in the Near Future


Layers of Fear: Legacy Will Creep You out on Switch in the Near Future

Layers of Fear was an excellent debut title from the same developer that brought us one of the best games of 2017: Observer. It’s getting its fair due as a Switch title now when it hits the system this month, Feb. 21. That’s not too much longer to wait if you can’t wait to get your scare on, especially if you missed it back during its Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC debut back in 2016.

It’s been augmented for its settling down on the Switch, bundling in the Inheritance DLC for you to get a little more out of your hard-earned cash. For the uninitiated, you’ll explore a gorgeous mansion that continues to alter its look as you delve deeper into the psyche of a broken painter who’s experiencing a psychological breakdown. It’s got its fair share of jump scares, though there’s a lot more to its horror elements than that.

Layers of Fear is certainly worth trying, whether you’re just looking for something different to add to your Switch library or interested in exploring a lot more of your horror-loving side. What would be absolutely amazing is if we get a version of Observer that’s made portable. That’s certainly something you’d want to play small chunks of while on the go. That may be all you can take of Layers of Fear, too. Perhaps the developers were onto something.

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