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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Use & Aim Your Bow


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Use & Aim Your Bow

How to Use & Aim Your Bow in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The combat in Kingdom Come Deliverance is pretty deep. Every slash, block, and parry needs to be perfectly timed and planned out if you’re going to emerge from battle victorious. Ranged weapons, such as your bow and arrows, are just as difficult to use. Here’s how to use and aim your bow in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

First, to use your bow, you’ll need to press right on the d-pad on PS4 or Xbox One to equip it. Once it’s readied, you then need to press and hold R2/ RT to make Henry load his bow. This will cause him to use stamina, too, so use your bow wisely in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

Then we come to aiming, and oh boy is this a difficult one. Henry seems to be unable to stand still, and will be swaying all over the show when you try and aim at the start of Kingdom Come Deliverance. While you can always cheat by marking the center of your screen and then lining this up with your opponent’s faces, there’s a way you can naturally improve your aim and Henry’s stability with a bow in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

You’ll want to make your way to the Huntsman in Rattay and go speak with him. This guy offers to train your aim with the bow at various different levels. You will have to cough up some money for the training (60 for the Beginner course, though, like everything in the game you can haggle), but if you’re intending to use your bow a lot, it’s well worth the money. Your screen will then fade to black and shortly after you’ll have gained a level in Bow. This should help improve your effectiveness and general aim with your ranged weapon in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Though, it’s worth noting you’ll need to reach level five until Henry cuts out the crazy swaying.

The Huntsman also has the following courses which cost more and have some prerequisites which we’ve listed below.

  • Slightly Advanced (requires level 5)
  • Advanced (requires level 10)
  • Master (requires level 15)

Still struggling to get to grips with your aim in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Let us know down in the comments and we’ll do our best to answer your questions. For more on Kingdom Come Deliverance, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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