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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Nest of Vipers Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Nest of Vipers Quest Guide

Nest of Vipers Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

The main quest-line in Kingdom Come Deliverance takes you on a revenge-fueled romp around the Kingdom of Bohemia to track down the villainous Sir Markvart von Aulitz. The thirteenth main quest in the game, Nest of Vipers, starts after Timmy gives you a map to the bandit camp.

First things first, locate the bandit camp by checking the map, it can be found West of Pribyslavitz by following Timmy’s directions. The key is to stick to the left of the path at all times, doing so you’ll be at the bandit camp in no time. Entering the vicinity of the camp will trigger an objective for the Nest of Vipers quest asking you to sabotage the bandits before the battle begins. Continue onward to trigger another Nest of Vipers quest objective which requires you to look around for useful information to aid the attack. Look around and you’ll come across a bridge, with Henry remarking that it is a possible avenue for attack. Off to the left of the bridge are some destroyed wooden houses, go to them, keeping stealth a priority. Move around the area to uncover more information to take back to Sir Radzig.

It’s worth noting here that it is possible to simply run through the camp to trigger the Nest of Vipers objectives needed as enemies will only attack after you’re there for a while. Collect enough information, including the fact that you can poison the bandit’s food, sabotage their fire arrows and fight them in an open stretch of field, to proceed. One of the objectives for this Kingdom Come Deliverance quest is to locate a mote as a possible avenue for attack so just follow the water and you’ll be fine. The two sabotage options given as objectives (poison food and sabotage arrows) are optional and should only be attempted if your character is stealthy enough. Again though, they’re optional and only really serve to add some more drama to the battle.

After your successful reconnaissance of the bandit camp, head back to Sir Radzig. Interact with him and run through each dialogue option, relaying the information you have gathered. After concluding that reinforcements are in order, Sir Radzig will send you to find Sir Divish in Talmberg. Head to Talmberg and speak to him, he’s located on the second floor of the castle.

At this stage, you are going to want to prepare for the upcoming battle so be sure to get your weapons and armor in order. When you’re ready, speak to Sir Divish and end the quest. Be warned, the next quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance throws you right into the action so be ready to fight.

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