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Kingdom Come Deliverance: My Friend Timmy Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: My Friend Timmy Quest Guide

My Friend Timmy Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an open world story-driven game that follows a blacksmith’s son, Henry, on his personal quest to avenge his parents’ deaths. On his search for Runt, Henry will take up plenty of different missions throughout the game. One quest, My Friend Timmy, sends players on a hunt to find one of the last bandit deserters.

It’s worth noting that this Kingdom Come Deliverance quest is much easier to complete if you’re either great at fighting or have a high speech skill. With that said, make sure you bring only your best equipment or a bard potion to increase your speech stat for a bit. You can brew the potions yourself or just buy them at Rattay for 50 Groschen.

Once you have everything you need, talk to Reeky after completing the On the Scent quest, and he’ll mark your next objective. Grab your horse and head over the point on your map and speak to any of the mill workers or villagers in the area. Ask them where Timmy is and they’ll tell you to talk to his sister, Mirka. You can find her near the windmill during the day, or the main farm lodging in the evening.

When you talk to her about Timmy, she’ll keep a tight lip about the topic. Use your strength, speech, or charisma skill to sway her, and she’ll tell you to meet her behind the windmill. At this point, you should start preparing your best gear or bring out that bard potion if you have less than 9 speech. When you’re ready, go to the meeting place and Mirka will tell you where to find Timmy – at Kolden’s farm to the northwest, near Merhojed.

After the exchange, you’ll be confronted by a handful of brutes who are also looking for her brother. They’ll try to force the information out of you, so you have two choices: steel yourself for a fight, or flat out lie that Timmy’s hiding in Rattay. If your speech skill is high enough, you can send them away without too much trouble. Even if you do manage to trick the goons, they’ll leave one of their members behind to keep a close eye on you. He isn’t too much of a problem, though, since you can just kill or outrun him once his group leaves.

When you finally arrive at Kolden’s farm, you can find Timmy walking around the area. You shouldn’t have too much trouble persuading him into telling you where the bandit camp is, even if your speech or charisma skill isn’t that high. Once he finally tells you everything you need to know, head to the marker on your map and report back to Sir Radzig to end the Kingdom Come Deliverance quest.

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