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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get More Health


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Get More Health

How to Get More Health in Kingdom Come Deliverance

You’re going to take a lot of damage during your time in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Enemies will bay for your blood, desperate to send you to an untimely demise. As such, the obvious question circles as to whether or not you can increase your health in the game.

Unfortunately, you’re unable to increase this gauge in Kingdom Come Deliverance. While you can heal when you’ve suffered damage, you can’t actually increase the size of your health bar or increase the number of hitpoints it takes to knock you down. That doesn’t mean you can’t make things easier for yourself in other ways.

Kingdom Come Deliverance has a number of perks that you can unlock which increase the regeneration of both your health and stamina. Several combat, vitality, warfare, and main level perks all help reduce the rate of your stamina depletion, and the same goes for health (albeit not quite as many are available).

It’s also worth noting that, as long as you have fairly decent armor on when you’re in battle, your stamina will act as a buffer before hits take a chunk off of your health. Enemy hits rarely penetrate your armor, ensuring your health bar often remains in-tact, but it will slowly but surely take its toll on your stamina, so make sure you keep an eye on this at all times during battle. As such, we advise investing in some of the stamina regeneration perks fairly early on.

So, to summarize, while you can’t make Henry some immortal monster in Kingdom Come Deliverance, you can make use of the perks available to you throughout your adventure to keep him well-protected.

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