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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Money for Old Rope Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Money for Old Rope Quest Guide

Money for Old Rope Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Money for Old Rope is a side quest that can be taken after completing “Tough Love.” To activate the quest, head to the innkeeper at Rattay and speak with him. Before starting this quest, there are a few items and skills you’ll need, and it’s best to have these ready to go before getting started. First, this quest will require you to have achieved the ability to read, so make sure you complete “Mightier than the Sword” before attempting this one. Additionally, you’ll also have to either pick a lock or pickpocket to obtain a necessary item, so depending on how you’re building Henry as a character, make sure you’re competent in at least one of those skills. Lastly, the quest will call for a vial of Poison, so go and brew one from an alchemy bench. The recipe for this is as follows:

  • One part Oil into the cauldron, stoke the flames by pressing LT/L2 to boil.
  • One Thistle into Cauldron and set the timer to one cycle.
  • After boiling, place two Herb Paris in the Cauldron.
  • Put into Vial.

Now onto the quest itself. The storyline of Money for Old Rope has Henry and Executioner Hermann sabotage an execution, which will require you to tamper with individual equipment: the flesh-ripping tongs, the executioner’s sword, and the rope. Once you’ve completed the quest, you’ll get the Spoilsport achievement/trophy.

Having spoken with Executioner Herman, you’ll be prompted to read the Black Chronicle. This is a book that is found on the upper floor of the Rathaus building. It’s behind a locked door, so you’ll need to pickpocket the key from the scribe (he’s asleep most of the time on the upper floor). As mentioned earlier, this is also where the reading ability comes in handy, but if you don’t already have the skill, there’s time to learn within the week timeline of the quest. The quest “Mightier than the Sword” is available from the Scribe at Uzhitz.

Once you’ve read the Black Chronicle, talk to the bailiff and he’ll inform you of the crimes that each accused man committed. Referring to the book, there are appropriate punishments according to each crime. These punishments require different apparatus, so Henry and Hermann come up with a plan to sabotage each one. Hermann will give Henry an old rotten rope, you already have the poison to spoil the Tongs, and the sword will need to be made blunt. All the pieces of equipment are found at the Executioner’s campsite, located and marked on your map north-east of Rattay.

The rope and tongs are super easy to deal with: The executioner’s rope is on the upper floor of the barn. Climb the ladder to reach the top and replace the rope with Herman’s rotten one. For the tongs, look on the driver’s seat of the carriage next to the barn. This is where your brewed poison comes in handy, so use the poison on the tongs.

The executioner’s sword is in a tent to the left side of the camp, and it’s the hardest part of the quest to pull off. The sword itself is in a locked chest, so you’ll need to either pickpocket the executioner for the key or pick the lock. We highly recommend attempting this at nighttime since the camp has guards and watchdogs which can make it very difficult otherwise. If you’re struggling, the guards can be knocked out, but it’s a roll of the dice as to whether they’ll break your grip and alert the rest of the camp.

Having obtained the sword, you’ll want to take it to the blacksmith’s shop and use a grindstone to dull the blade, which is achieved by grinding it on a flat angle for about ten seconds. You’ll know when you’ve made an impression because Hermann will make a comment affirming that you’ve broken it. You’ll then need to sneak back into the camp and put the sword back in the chest where you found it. Be careful moving around with stolen items in Kingdom Come Deliverance! Avoid guards who may stop and search you.

Once you’ve put everything in place, go and speak with Hermann before 2 p.m the next day (when the execution is scheduled for). That’s it, you’re all set! For more useful quest guides for Kingdom Come Deliverance, search for Twinfinite.

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