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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Clean Your Sword


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Clean Your Sword

How to Clean Your Sword in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance drops you into the world of 15th century Bohemia, and the game is dedicated to upholding its historical accuracy. That dedication is used in various different ways throughout the game, and this includes how dirty and grimy your weapons and armor can become after battle. You’ll want to wipe off all the blood your blade collects, as it can become unseemly for Henry. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but keeping blood on your weapon can impact people’s impression of you and make them less likely to trust you, also lowering your reputation.

To clean your sword you need to find a blacksmith, which you’ll no doubt be familiar with from improving or puchasing weapons before. Any blacksmith will do, so head to whichever one you want. Now there’s two ways to clean your weapon, the first of which is by paying the blacksmith to do it. For a fee the blacksmith will clean your weapon and give it back without you needing to do anything, but this cost can really add up after a while. Alternatively, you can clean your weapon yourself by using the grindstone found at the blacksmith. This does require you to play a short minigame, so it can take up a bit of time. Now you just need to decide which is more important, time or money.

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