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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has Already Sold 500,000 Copies


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Has Already Sold 500,000 Copies

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is enjoying a successful launch and positive reception, amidst some issues with bugs and other performance issues. It’s a hardcore RPG that turns a lot of what you think you know about games on its head, and that’s probably why it’s amassed nearly 500,000 sales, with 300,000 copies on Steam and over 100,000 copies via retail stores.

The game’s designer Daniel Vávra mused via national Czech television that a million copies sold would be a nice goal while announcing the impressive numbers the game has already amassed. It’s been a big seller on Steam, snagging the top seller spot on launch day, with concurrent players topping out at over 75k. Clearly, this is a game people want to play.

Currently, there’s a patch in the works meant to address several of the game’s still-nagging issues, but it seems right now that fans are pretty pleased with the title and what it offers, including its very niche purpose it intends to serve. If games like Skyrim have failed to entertain you lately and you need games that make you stretch out and actually care for the most basic tasks, you’ll probably find a lot to like about Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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