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Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Fix Ginger in a Pickle Bug


Kingdom Come Deliverance: How to Fix Ginger in a Pickle Bug

How to Fix Ginger in a Pickle Bug in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Developer Warhorse Studios has been working hard to improve the performance of Kingdom Come Deliverance since its launch last week. Patch 1.2.5 is the game’s latest patch, and it revamps the save system that many players haven’t been fond of. Unfortunately, while the patch has introduced welcome changes for the most part, other areas of the game have been negatively impacted. The most frustrating new issue is that the main quest “Ginger in a Pickle” has been rendered unplayable. This is the ninth main quest in the game in which Henry must seek out an NPC called Ginger to question him about his involvement in the pillaging of the village. Thankfully, some clever players have already devised a couple of workarounds to fix the Ginger in a Pickle bug on PC. They’re temporary fixes, certainly, but at least you should be able to continue the game using one of these methods.

The most effective fix is to simply download and reinstall the earlier version of Kingdom Come Deliverance via Steam. To do so, you’ll need to open the Steam console, which can be done either by right-clicking on the console client, selecting properties, and then adding “-console” on the end of the target, or simply closing the client and pasting “steam://open/console” into “run”. Now the console is available, type in the command “download_depot 379430 379432 1574197374724500814” – this will download the 1.2 version of Kingdom Come Deliverance. Make sure you have created a backup of your save for Kingdom Come Deliverance before doing so, however.

Once you’ve acquired the previous version, copy the files into the original folder and opt to replace whenever you’re prompted. Launch Kingdom Come Deliverance and complete The Hunt Begins, and Ginger in a Pickle should trigger. Save your game and exit, then replace this game folder with the backup you made earlier. You can then redownload the latest version of Kingdom Come Deliverance and you’ll be able to play through the Ginger in a Pickle quest.

There’s a slightly easier fix that doesn’t involve the burden of having to uninstall and reinstall files. Reddit user r40k has created a mod that fixes the issue, but he does admit that players should only use at their own risk and that waiting for an official fix is probably wise. If you’re not keen to wait for that, though, here’s a link to the mod.

These are the only known methods to fix the Ginger in a Pickle Bug so far. We expect Warhorse to implement an official new patch to fix the issues soon. For everything else on Kingdom Come Deliverance, search for Twinfinite.

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