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Kingdom Come Deliverance: Ginger in a Pickle Quest Guide


Kingdom Come Deliverance: Ginger in a Pickle Quest Guide

Ginger in a Pickle Quest Guide in Kingdom Come Deliverance

Kingdom Come Deliverance’s main quest takes you all around the Kingdom of Bohemia with plenty to see and do. The ninth main quest in the game, Ginger in a Pickle, starts as you’re leaving the stable of Neuhof. The quest has you tracking down a missing stable hand named Ginger, and finding out the truth about the bandit’s raid.

To find Ginger in Kingdom Come Deliverance  you’re going to need to track down groups of charcoal-burners, and find out what they know. The first camp is found to the South of Neuhof, and it’ll need to be at least 10:00 AM in order for you to talk to the charcoal-burners. Skip time if you need to. The spokesman of the first camp won’t know about Ginger, but he will point you to the location of the next camp.

You’ll be given a sizable search area for the next camp, but it’s actually located in the South of the area in a clearing. Just check your map for an area with a bunch of felled trees and logs, then head to it. The spokesman here, once again, won’t know about Ginger but will point you to another charcoal-burners camp. Luckily this time it’ll be marked on your map, so head there now.

Now you have two options when you talk to the charcoal-burner at this camp, as they’ll want your help in defeating the bandits. If you have at least a moderate speech level you can lie and tell them the bandits are already dead, expediting the quest. The other option is to actually go and kill the bandits. Once again you’ll be given a search area but just look in the middle of the forest for the icons that look like a camp. Here there’s two bandits sitting around a fire. It’s worth noting that you do actually need to kill them, just knocking them out won’t satisfy the quest requirements. You can, however, sneak up and knock them out, then dispatch them that way.

Whether you lie or actually defeat the bandits, the third charcoal-burner will finally give you the location of Ginger, who’s in a small hut just North of the third camp. Run up the woods and talk to the elusive stable boy, and he’ll also ask you about the bandits. Once again you can lie that they’ve been killed, or you will have actually defeated them. Ginger will ask you to go back to Neuhof and make sure people aren’t angry, but you can completely ignore this request as it won’t affect the outcome of the quest. He’ll give you the info you need, so head back to Neuhof and let Captain Bernard know of everything you learned. Now you’ve completed the quest Ginger in a Pickle, hooray!

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