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Jump Streaming Platform Reaches 100 Available Games


Jump Streaming Platform Reaches 100 Available Games

Another step forward for game streaming services.

The indie game streaming service Jump has passed a milestone, now offering subscribers 100 different titles to choose from.

In a post to Twitter, the company revealed their streaming platform now officially offers 100 different games. They reacted to the occasion with excitement and gratitude.

“Thank you dev community,” they write. “Thank you players. Thank you all for the support you’ve given us.”

First revealed in July of last year, Jump offers subscribers the option to stream from a selection of indie games. The titles available range from Edmund McMillen’s The End Is Nigh to the visual novel series World End Economica, written by the creator of the popular anime and light novel series Spice and Wolf. Subscribers can play any number of titles during the length of their subscription, and the games’ developers receive revenue based on how many times their games are played during each month.

New titles are added monthly, with eight titles currently slated to begin streaming in February. For more on Jump and its services, check out their official site.

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