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How to Watch Killing Bites Anime Online


How to Watch Killing Bites Anime Online

How to Watch Killing Bites Anime Online

It’s a fight to the death in the action-packed anime, Killing Bites. The plot follows college student Yuya Nomoto who joins his friends as they try to pick up girls. Little does he know, however, that they plan to take girls by force, which leads them to kidnap an animal-human hybrid named Hitomi. She straight up slaughters all of Yuya’s friends but leaves him alive.

The college student discovers that these hybrids are actually called “Brutes” – fighters who are pit against each other with powerful businesses betting on the outcome of their duels. Hitomi, one of the most fearsome Brutes, is assigned to stay with Yuya for his protection. In turn, the college student must act as the financial backer that allow her to take part in matches against other hybrids.

Hitomi is a Honey Badger hybrid whose unique DNA gives her immunity to fear when fighting against faster and stronger Brutes. The show features a slew of other human-animal hybrids and is packed with intense action scenes.

Those who want to watch Killing Bites can stream the anime on Amazon Prime. The show has a total of 12 planned episodes which you can start following now.

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