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How to Unfreeze Car Doors


How to Unfreeze Car Doors

How to Unfreeze Car Doors

It can be a real hassle when your car doors have been frozen, especially when you’re out in public. While it might seem like a hopeless situation, there are actually a few easy ways to unfreeze them.

First off, you can try pushing the door as applying pressure could break the ice. Simply place a hand on the door and push as hard as you can. If that doesn’t work, you could try to chip away the ice instead. If a thick crust of ice has formed around the handles and sides, use a stiff plastic object, such as a spatula or credit card, to scrape it off. Just remember not to use any metal objects as it may scratch the vehicle’s paint.

Alternatively, you can also try pouring lukewarm water over the rubber seals to thaw it out. If the ice is thick, you might need to repeat the process several times. If you’re out near a store, you can also buy a commercial de-icer. The spray dissolves the ice and will help prevent further moisture from collecting. You can also resort to rubbing alcohol, but repeated use may damage the rubber gasket.

If all else fails, try to start your car remotely. The heat from the vehicle should be able to unfreeze your car doors, although it might take around 10 minutes or so.

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