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Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival Event Celebrates With Go Karts

Heroes of the Storm, Lunar Festival 2018

Heroes of the Storm Lunar Festival Event Celebrates With Go Karts

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that the Lunar Festival for its MOBA Heroes of the Storm returns this week with new cosmetic items and game mode.

The event celebrating the Chinese New Year begins today, Feb. 6 until Monday, March 5. A quest unlocks for all players during the event with exclusive rewards, such as a Lunar Skyrocket spray and mount. The quest is broken down into four parts that must be completed one after the the other, but each objective is simply playing a certain number of games in Versus AI, Quick Match, Ranked and Unranked modes.

Like past Heroes of the Storm events, most loot chests earned will now be Lunar Festival-themed containing limited-time skins, mounts, sprays, and portraits. Check out the cute sprays and other regal apparel for some heroes here.

The new Brawl game mode during the event is Lunar Rocket Racing, a free-for-all race on rockets to complete seven laps to win. In Mario Kart-style, there are envelopes on the racetrack that grant power-ups to knock other players off their mounts. The Brawl goes live later this week.

The event drop alongside a patch containing the new Warcraft hero Maiev, while other heroes received balance changes. The art on several heroes have been updated, and several elements of the game’s UI changed as well. The full notes for this Heroes of the Storm patch can be found here.

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