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Get Your Jason On With This New Friday The 13th Single-Player Trailer


Get Your Jason On With This New Friday The 13th Single-Player Trailer

Since its crowdfunding campaign, fans have been eagerly awaiting the single-player mode for the Friday the 13th video game. While it’s a bit late, developer Gun Media has finally released a trailer to give players a taste of the murder-y fun to come.

In the trailer, the developers show off a tutorial level of the mode wherein we see Jason happening upon two teenagers near a broken down car. After silently observing for a moment and waiting for his chance, Jason ambushes one and impales him upon a tree. Then he returns to the other and smashes him under the car in classic gory Friday the 13th fashion. All of which was “just a taste” according to the developer commenting in the video.

While brief, the trailer shows much promise. The game’s single-player is apparently meant to be more akin to a series of challenges, but if the trailer is any indication these challenges will have their own mini-narratives built on the same sorts of situations and tropes one could find in the Friday the 13th movies. It’s very tongue in cheek and does a good job of getting the player into Jason’s menacing shoes.

Prior to this, the game was exclusively a multiplayer affair, pitting Jason again multiple campers in a bid to escape before the masked menace kills them all. What the game lacked in a story or single-player mode it made up for with plenty of love and references for the source material and a brutal gameplay format every bit as bloody and over the top as the films themselves. Though with this trailer, Gun Media has helped to assure its player base that more is still to come.

While a final release date hasn’t yet been  announced, when it finally does drop the single-player update will be available for free to all players. The game can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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